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Mom Moments

Mom Moments

I pulled up to the soccer field in my minivan sensible SUV and jumped out of the car. My youngest met me on the sidewalk so I could tie her cleats. Her violin lesson ends 15 minutes after soccer starts, so we always change in the car. Shoes – check, water bottle – check, soccer ball – check. I spun around after tying her second shoe and saw the coach chuckling a bit. I swiveled left while pushing my youngest to the field and saw a friend laughing out loud. 

“It’s over.” she said. 

My shoulders fell almost as quickly as the sweat dripped from my brow. I clearly missed the email. Thankfully my friend gave me a consolation hug, and I loaded the little one back into the car. We headed back home. 

The myth of supermom

Have you ever had a moment like this?! As a full-time working mom with three kids I have so many stories like this one. There is never enough time in the day to do all that is required. 

Supermom is a lie – seriously. It’s not humanly possible to work full time, raise kids and shoulder most of the household responsibilities. Even if you have a partner that contributes – it’s still impossible.   

Utopian society

Imagine being able to go to the grocery store during the day (when there aren’t 25 of your closest friends in each aisle). Or, having a full cup of hot coffee while your groceries are delivered to your door. Maybe you’d like to be home for when the kids get random in-service days? Or even better – summers filled with the pool, the zoo and other fun things.

There is help

Job sharing is a work arrangement that provides a serious answer to this problem. Job Pairing is a platform that helps professionals find a job mate to share their job with – that way both people get to spend more time with their kids. You can be the fun mom. Find your ideal job mate today.